Thursday, February 12, 2009


Here are my three introductions. I don't know what one I like the best! I know we will be reviewing these in class but here they are!

1. When Jessica was younger, the summer months were her favorite. She would lie in the green grass and make the clouds look like silly shapes with her imagination. She would race her brothers on the hot cement. If she ever tripped and fell, her daddy was always there to pick her up and kiss her skinned knee. That would make everything better. (anecdote)

2. "Don’t cry honey, it’s just a skinned knee,” her father said softly as he scooped her up off the pavement. His strong arms carried her small body inside the house and set her by the couch. The tears still streamed down her cheeks. As his lips met her knee suddenly the crying stopped. All the pain she felt was gone. Her daddy could fix anything. (Quotes)

3. Why is the pavement so hard? Jessica was crying hysterically. Her knee was skinned, a very minor injury. But Jessica was 6 years old. That magnified the pain and severity of her injury. Help was on the way. Her father had come to the rescue. Softly pressing his lips against her knee he asked her if it felt better. She nodded yes. (Question)

4. When people skin their knees, antiseptic and a bandaid is usually needed . The antiseptic is needed to clean out germs and bacteria from the wound. The bandaid is needed to keep germs and bacteria from entering the wound. But when little Jessica skins her knee all she needs is a kiss from her daddy to make it all better. (funnel)

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  1. After re-reading your essay, I really like opening number 2.